Zen and the Art of Email Appending

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Zen and the Art of Email Appending

Many summers ago, I found myself hooked to Robert Pirsig’s Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (along with a sizable population of the world) and couldn’t help but wonder how simple metaphysical truths could have a correlation with automobiles. And a few summers down the road, when I stepped into the online marketing world, I thought to myself, if there is a zen to motorcycles why not apply it to marketing too. Cutting out the larger dimensions involved with the meaning of the word, zen for an everyday reader translates to a state of heightened awareness in the ‘now’.

So much for my little ramble on Zen. And at the end of it all, you might want to know where online marketing and email appending really fits into the picture. It’s not a tedious connection in any way. Every company that holds a repository of internal data is living with a stockpile of information that’s quite the fuel for their engines. Effectively managing this data entails understanding it in its entirety for what’s in and what’s not. The missing information is of key significance and gives the company the required insights into opting for corrective measures. A support data appending agency can help fix the company’s database back into shape, by matching against its internal database and appending emails and other missing information like the URL, address and telephone contacts. With a database in clean working order, companies would be able to launch their marketing efforts with a clear focus on the present and generate maximum returns for their campaigns.

AppendSolutions® is a trusted data services company which has been helping a large number of companies across the globe maximize their online marketing efficiency in the ‘Now’. AppendSolutions® works on the auditing prospect data of companies and fixing the missing pieces through a sophisticated match process, thus enabling them to get the best results for their campaigns. To get a detailed description about how AppendSolutions® can help your business maximize returns please visit AppendSolutions® or just Schedule a Call with us. AppendSolutions also invites companies to take advantage of their free append test service for file sizes of upto 100 records to showcase their capability in the match process.

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