Consumer Email Append

At AppendSolutions® we specialize in enhancing consumer records with our Consumer Email Append Service. We add missing email addresses, improving accessibility for targeted communication. Our segmentation capabilities enable precise targeting based on criteria like ethnicity, age, sex, and income, delivering personalized messages to specific consumer groups. Despite challenges posed by generic or ISP domains, our expertise, tailored approaches, and master database of over 150 million US and 400 million global consumer records overcome obstacles. We seamlessly integrate accurate emails, ensuring meticulous data segmentation and quality checks for optimized email campaign success. 

Consumer Email Appending empowers businesses with enhanced targeting capabilities and personalized communication. By adding missing email addresses to consumer records, businesses can reach specific segments, tailor their messages, and maximize the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.

Exploiting the Advantages of Consumer Email Appending

Enhanced Targeting

Reach specific consumer segments by appending missing email addresses to consumer records.

Personalized Communication

Tailor your messages and deliver personalized content to your target audience.

Improved Campaign Effectiveness

Maximize the impact of your email marketing campaigns by reaching a more engaged audience.

Increased Reach

Expand your reach by leveraging email communication, a widely used and effective channel.

Better Customer Insights

Gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences through email interactions.

Cost-Effective Communication

Cost-effective email marketing engages target audience more than traditional methods.

Strengthened Customer Relationships

Build stronger relationships by delivering relevant and timely messages directly to consumers' inboxes.

Higher Conversion Rates

Maximize conversions and sales through preferred consumer communication channels.


Our Consumer Email Append Process

Identification & Upload of Input File

Clients provide contact data including Name, Address, and Phone. They identify records needing email append from their internal database, which are then uploaded or emailed to AppendSolutions® in the desired file format. We accept data files in all popular formats.

Match & Append

Records are matched against AppendSolutions®' Consumer Master Database. Emails are appended to the client's file for accurate matches.

Data Verification

Appended emails undergo rigorous automated verification for accuracy and quality assurance. 

Introductory Permission Campaign

Valid email contacts receive an introductory message seeking permission for future communication. Unsubscribe options are provided, and opt-outs are segregated. 

Upload & Delivery

Completed client file is securely uploaded to AppendSolutions®'s server for download using unique credentials.

AppendSolutions Advantage

With a focus on delivering exceptional results, our service provides several key benefits that set us apart from the competition. A few unique selling points (USPs) that make our service a valuable asset for your marketing endeavors.


Extensive Database

With over 200 million contact records, our Master Database provides wide coverage. We utilize innovative strategies, leveraging social media, micro-sites, and co-registration techniques to enhance information profiles and optimize opt-in rates. This ensures high-quality appended data, empowering your marketing endeavors.


Improved Match Rate

Through our Append Process, we consistently achieve an average match rate of 70%+, exceeding 95% in many cases. Our advanced AI algorithms substantialy increase the matching accuracy and greatly enhances the likelihood of locating missing email addresses and enables a more comprehensive data enrichment process.


High Data Accuracy

Our service maintains a data accuracy rate of 95% at all times, minimizing errors and ensuring the reliability of the appended email addresses. Best Append Rates: We provide the best append rates in the industry, maximizing the number of successfully appended email addresses.


Data Security and Confidentiality

We recognize the paramount significance of data security. Upholding the highest standards of confidentiality, we handle your data with meticulous care. Our comprehensive and robust security measures ensure protection against unauthorized access, breaches, or any form of misuse, maintaining the integrity of your valuable information.


Verification and Permission

We perform rigorous verification checks and send personalized communications to obtain explicit consent for relevant mailers and notifications. By prioritizing compliance and respecting recipient preferences, we ensure data integrity and maintain a positive sender reputation.


Deliverability Guarantee

Our commitment to deliverability is backed by a 100% guarantee against hard bounces, ensuring that all appended email addresses are valid, active, and reachable. You can trust us to optimize your email campaigns for maximum reach and engagement.

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Tracking Our Success in Consumer Email Appending

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