Case Studies

Dive into the real-world impact of data enhancement with our enlightening Case Studies. We present a collection of success stories that showcase how AppendSolutions® has revolutionized businesses across diverse industries. Delve into these in-depth narratives to discover how our tailored solutions have transformed marketing strategies, increased customer engagement, and driven measurable results. Each case study provides an intimate look into the challenges faced, the strategies implemented, and the outcomes achieved. Explore how our expertise in data management has helped clients achieve their goals, and gain inspiration for your own journey towards data-driven success.

Client: Our client, founded in 1983, is a leading provider of enterprise management software for project-focused organizations. Their software applications and solutions help more than 12,000 organizations worldwide to maximize profitability and productivity by integrating all aspects of their businesses. 

Scenario: To increase sales and revenue, our client wanted to improve the reach of their products to a higher number of potential buyers through personalized email campaigns. They required a database Append service to fill in the missing information in their database and target decision makers from Architecture and Engineering firms, professional services firms, and independent consulting firms. 

Solution: The AppendSolutions® team extensively studied the client’s contact database to devise the right match strategies. The team completed three batches totaling 26,000 records over a rush period of 45 days, and the entire project in 15 months, earlier than the estimated timeline. The project achieved a high match rate of 61% and went through customary levels of verification. 

Benefit: The client has been running personalized email campaigns to the appended list with significant success in both reach and revenue through sales. The client expressed a high level of satisfaction with the outcome of its e-marketing initiatives supported by the effective email Append job completed by AppendSolutions®. 

Present Scenario: The client has signed up with AppendSolutions® for a new email Append project to reach out to 500 companies and 15,000+ contacts. The project is slated for completion by the end of the year.

Client: Our client is a renowned company in the field of Business Intelligence Services, headquartered in Newark, NJ. It provides expert business solutions and intelligence guidance for management and functionality, making it one of the biggest names in the industry. 

Scenario: AppendSolutions® has been serving the client’s email Append requirements for over 2 years now. The client’s interaction channels include high-quality newsletters, research reports, conferences, seminars, audio-conferences, training, certification, and advisory services. To effectively market its services to potential customers, the client needed complete contact information for its prospects and clients in its internal database. 

Solution: AppendSolutions® was approached by the client to fill in missing email information for a database of 25,000 contacts across industries for a newsletter campaign. The database contained C-level and V-level decision makers of large to mid-sized organizations. The first project yielded a phenomenal 70% match rate, and subsequently, the client signed a project of 500,000 records across 24 months. The project was completed in February 2008, with an approximate match rate of 50%. 

Benefit: With the help of AppendSolutions® email Append solution, the client achieved a substantial increase in its net reach (to the tune of around 250,000 plus contacts), significantly improving its brand recognition and visibility. This led to a marked gain in its Return On Investment by over 50%. 

Present Scenario: The Client has signed up with AppendSolutions® for a new email Append project, comprising 10,000+ contacts, which is expected to be completed by the end of May 2008.

The Client: Headquartered in the UK, the client is a renowned multinational manufacturer with extensive experience in particle analysis and rheological instrumentation. Their inter-related measurements reflect the complexities of particulates, disperse systems, nano-materials, and macromolecules. They also have manufacturing operations in the United States. 

The Scenario: To maintain business communication, the client had a large worldwide database of their present customers. However, most of this database was outdated and needed a comprehensive update. The client required AppendSolutions® to verify, replace and append email addresses to the contacts, globally. AppendSolutions® was entrusted with the project of “List Cleansing” for approximately 250,000+ contacts within ten months. The project was carried out using AppendSolutions® in-house process of Database hygiene, which resulted in over 150,000+ verified email addresses. 

Benefit: The email verification, combined with email Append, allowed the client to increase their reach to 60% more customers. This enabled them to communicate necessary information regarding their new products and launches to a greater number of interested audiences, resulting in better business returns. 

Present Scenario: AppendSolutions® is currently assisting the client in appending email addresses to 100,000 contacts in phases. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

Client Description: The Client is a leading provider of employee assessment instruments that enable organizations to match employees with the right job roles, support effective management practices, and enhance employee productivity and profitability. Since its founding in 1991, the company has offered a full range of state-of-the-art occupational assessments that address all aspects of employment, including hiring, training, coaching, and management performance. 

Scenario: In order to expand its reach within the Human Resources sector while minimizing costs, the client sought a solution to enhance its communication efforts. However, their database lacked email addresses for the majority of prospective and current contacts. To address this challenge, AppendSolutions® was engaged to perform an Email Append project, which involved appending email addresses to a list of over 50,000 contacts in batch files within a one-year timeframe. AppendSolutions® utilized its proprietary match methodology to provide structured output for all files, resulting in a final success rate of 65%. 

Benefit: The Email Append project enabled the client to reach a larger audience with their expert services and solutions. By leveraging this solution, the client was able to increase their visibility in the market at a relatively low cost compared to other marketing and advertising channels.