Data Hygiene

Don’t let your marketing data go obsolete. AppendSolutions® understands the importance of accurate and valid email addresses in your database. Research shows that email addresses undergo frequent changes due to various factors. To ensure data accuracy and validity, regular validation is crucial. 
Our Data Hygiene service offers Email Change of Address (ECOA) management and Email List Hygiene to help you maintain fresh and reliable marketing lists. By leveraging AI technologies, our Data Cleansing solution helps you reconnect with customers who have changed their email addresses and enjoy benefits such as retaining existing customers, improving deliverability rates, reducing costs associated with undeliverable emails, and safeguarding your reputation with major ISPs. 

Advantages of Data Hygiene Service: Refresh, Optimize, and Succeed

Accurate Data

Ensure a precise and up-to-date marketing database by correcting errors, eliminating duplicates, and validating contact information.

Improved Deliverability

Increase email deliverability rates by removing invalid or outdated addresses, maximizing the impact of your campaigns.

Cost Optimization

Minimize expenses on undeliverable emails, optimizing your budget allocation and resources.

Reputation Protection

Safeguard your sender reputation by avoiding blacklisting and ensuring uninterrupted email delivery.

Customer Engagement

Connect effectively with accurate contact information, enhancing customer engagement and building stronger relationships.

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with data protection regulations, minimizing legal and reputational risks associated with outdated or incorrect data.

Data-driven Insights

Maintain data integrity for reliable insights, enabling informed analysis, reporting, and decision-making for effective marketing strategies.


Data Hygiene Process

Identification & Upload

Clients identify the target database for Data Hygiene and upload the data file to AppendSolutions®.

Data Validation & Cleansing

Using advanced algorithms, the data undergoes a comprehensive validation process to identify and eliminate inaccuracies, errors, and inconsistencies. Invalid, outdated, or duplicate records are flagged and cleansed from the database.

Email Change of Address (ECOA) Management

AppendSolutions® manages the process of updating email addresses for customers who have changed their contact information. Through Email Change of Address (ECOA), updated email addresses are appended to ensure accurate and up-to-date records.

Deliverability Enhancement

AI algorithms improve email deliverability by removing undeliverable addresses and optimizing recipient details. Invalid or non-existent email addresses are flagged and removed to improve overall deliverability rates.

Ongoing Maintenance

Regular data validation and cleansing are performed to maintain data accuracy and hygiene. AppendSolutions® offers ongoing support and updates to address any queries or concerns related to the data and its hygiene.

AppendSolutions Advantage

By leveraging AI technologies, AppendSolutions® streamlines the Data Hygiene process, providing accurate and up-to-date data for effective marketing campaigns. Our advanced algorithms and automation ensure efficient data validation, cleansing, and ongoing maintenance, empowering you with clean and reliable data to drive successful marketing initiatives. 


Extensive Database

With over 200 million contact records, our Master Database provides wide coverage. We utilize innovative strategies, leveraging social media, micro-sites, and co-registration techniques to enhance information profiles and optimize opt-in rates. This ensures high-quality appended data, empowering your marketing endeavors.


Improved Match Rate

Through our Append Process, we consistently achieve an average match rate of 70%+, exceeding 95% in many cases. Our advanced AI algorithms substantialy increase the matching accuracy and greatly enhances the likelihood of locating missing email addresses and enables a more comprehensive data enrichment process.


High Data Accuracy

Our service maintains a data accuracy rate of 95% at all times, minimizing errors and ensuring the reliability of the appended email addresses. Best Append Rates: We provide the best append rates in the industry, maximizing the number of successfully appended email addresses.


Data Security and Confidentiality

We recognize the paramount significance of data security. Upholding the highest standards of confidentiality, we handle your data with meticulous care. Our comprehensive and robust security measures ensure protection against unauthorized access, breaches, or any form of misuse, maintaining the integrity of your valuable information.


Verification and Permission

We perform rigorous verification checks and send personalized communications to obtain explicit consent for relevant mailers and notifications. By prioritizing compliance and respecting recipient preferences, we ensure data integrity and maintain a positive sender reputation.


Deliverability Guarantee

Our commitment to deliverability is backed by a 100% guarantee against hard bounces, ensuring that all appended email addresses are valid, active, and reachable. You can trust us to optimize your email campaigns for maximum reach and engagement.

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