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How To – Maximize your Email Marketing Efficiency

Much has been said and written about email marketing, but there definitely is no absolute guide that dictates what is to be done to gain maximum ROI out of your email campaigns. But there definitely are some time-tested universal truths that can be held close to absolutes in driving the success of your email marketing program. Read More

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How To – Maximize Lead volumes through Email Append

The success of an email marketing campaign relies heavily on the quality of marketing lists utilized. To ensure success, it is vital to maintain clean, fresh, and complete lists. One effective method to achieve completeness is through Email Append, which involves adding missing emails to a prospect list by matching it against a vendor’s internal database. Follow these steps to successfully append emails to your database. Read More

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How To – Pick Your Email Append Partner

Selecting the right Email Append partner requires careful consideration of various factors for businesses. One of the most critical factors is the credibility of the Append company. Email Append is a sensitive process, and choosing a partner with a proven track record of adhering to legal regulations is crucial to avoid issues like spam and email harvesting.  Read More