Email Appending in the Digital Marketing Universe

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Email Appending in the Digital Marketing Universe

Not all Marketing Heads are wired the same. Some are proactive, some others strategic, many others formulaic. The marketing decisions of a company may often be guided by the inherent DNA of its Marketing leadership. So let me try and map this situation out to a space called list management.

It is often the case that there is more data than there are ideas available today. A company may own a large contact pool that may have been generated and collated through various marketing initiatives. The first Marketing Head, may have set the groundwork with a strategic vision to build an internal list that would serve the sales unit on a continuous basis. The second Head was more proactive and discovered more ways of building up the pipeline. And then came the third Head, who decided that a time tested formula for marketing worked best. The result was that the list built by Mr.Strategic and Ms.Proactive stayed stiff in the hands of Mr.Formulaic.

There are some things that so inherently simple that they are the easiest to miss. Take for example, email appending. All Mr.Formulaic needed to do even while playing safe, was to augment the value of the existing set of contact records by appending emails wherever missing. That would have given an additional 30% data for the company to work their marketing communication. That means a whopping 30% extra reach. And that again means 30% more business decision makers that did get to see your message. I’ll let you take it from here. And while you are at it, try and figure out the bracket your Marketing Head fits into. (I feel the need to explain that the usage of ‘Head’ is contextually literal and figurative here, the way you choose to read it).

Here’s where AppendSolutions® comes into the equation.

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