Email Appending: Down the Memory Lane

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Email Appending: Down the Memory Lane

A new marketing list is most prerequisite of a company for all its marketing initiatives. In order to explore newer avenues of lead generation and sales, a company has to have a continuous influx of newer and fresher data to their already existing database. To have a new marketing list, the following options are available to a marketing team:

Email Appending
List Purchase

Email Appending doesn’t just provide you with newer lists but importantly, it provides you with more precise relevant data. The relevancy and the accuracy of the data forms the key towards ensuring a successful email append process. The email addresses that are added to the client’s existing database are acquired through various channels like tradeshows, seminars, and webinars and are verified for deliverability to offer the clients 100% accurate email addresses.

List Purchase on the other hand deals in volume. A client can procure or purchase a large volume of data based on her given criteria at a minimum cost. But these lists are generally pre-packaged and more than often now up-to-date or accurate. Though it might look as if the client is getting a substantial amount of new contacts by list purchase, in truth she might be left with less than a tenth of it t as relevant data.

Benefits of Email Appending over List Purchase

Email Appending ensures that your existing lists are complete and up-to-date
Cost Effective way of expanding your effective online reach
Faster and more efficient way to enriching your existing marketing database
Better response rates leading to shorter sales cycles
No spam block issues

Email Appending, if used judiciously and strategically, can result in effecting a multifold increase in the company ROI. It is a better option than List Purchase as it helps in maximizing the effectiveness of the existing data of a company, as opposed to a hit and miss approach of purchasing ready made data that might turn out to be erroneous and irrelevant.

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