Email Appending and the Marketing DNA

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Email Appending and the Marketing DNA

Adding missing Emails to you Marketing Database. Sounds quite simple, doesn’t it?. But don’t get the carried away by the exterior, for this process in reality is not quite not as simple as it appears. First things first. Ethical Email Appending does not permit email harvesting. Email harvesting is a process by which companies mine the internet and find email addresses which are missing in their clients’ database. This is not only totally forbidden as per CAN SPAM guidelines but also leads to serious spam issues due to non opt in records. Always question the credibility of companies that offer you a harvested quick fix database.

On the other hand, ethical email appending companies will maintain a database of their own. This data is collected through various channel partners, trade shows and rigorous ethical market research. The data is continuously updated and cleansed so that the client is always provided with current data. And the email addresses present in the database are also opt-in for the company. So, when a client approaches a company that practices ethical email appending, he can be certain that spam and other online marketing related issues are already taken care of and the data is up to date. Up to date data is always a gold mine compared to an obsolete data as this increases the reach percentage multi-fold.

AppendSolutions® is a trusted name in the field of Email Appending and Database servicing. We monitor every stage of the process with quality control checks to ensure that the appending exercise stays true to the ethical practice norms as specified by the CAN SPAM guidelines. Our clients don’t just come back to us for our state of the art email marketing solution but the key takeaway they gain is the service oriented end to end experience we provide. This has resulted in excellent testimonials and repeat business from the companies we have worked with. We like to believe in a self coined maxim “At AppendSolutions®, a client is for life”.

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