Charting Online Marketing Success with Email Appending

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Charting Online Marketing Success with Email Appending

To say that the marketing universe is a populated landscape might be like stating the obvious. But in today’s context, this assumes more relevance than ever. Back in the day, when organizations’ spend big budgets on direct marketing channels alone, vendors had only direct lists to worry about. The 21st century brought in a new challenge for the direct marketing vendors with email being added as the new marketing channel. This made a whole lot of sense to organizations, which found that their reach could be tripled overnight by just spending a fraction of what they did. The onus lay with the direct marketing agencies.

The last 5 years has seen a rising growth in online marketing activity supported hugely by a process called email appending which involves adding emails to your customer database. Email appending has given the direct marketers a new lease of life to explore and reap the benefits of email marketing. Thus companies specializing in email appending services work as the support link for the direct marketing agencies. The process is quite symbiotic and the partnership can hugely benefit the end client in maximizing their reach. Today most direct marketing companies try to build up the quality of their lists by finding the right email append partner who would not only populate missing emails to the list, but also maintain the list hygiene and CAN SPAM compliance standards.

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