An Email Appending Primer for Smaller Companies

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An Email Appending Primer for Smaller Companies

More than often, small companies are left wondering about things they need to do to maximize their email marketing efficiencies. While it is universally accepted that email marketing is a totally effective and economical solution, a lot of questions lurk in the minds of marketing decision makers of various small sized organizations with regard to the cost and the Return On Investment. A large percentage of these questions would also be with regard to the list acquisition process.

In my earlier blogs I had build a few cases favoring email appending as a key process for enhancing the efficiency of any email marketing program. I’m inclined to put forth the same case for all small organizations that may need to weigh in their list acquisition strategy. An email marketing strategy does not begin with a creative process. It begins with a process of prospecting and subsequent list generation. And list generation, like we all know is a different beast altogether.

Here’s where I throw in the email appending rap all over again. Your campaign is as good as the quality of your list. So if you want to ensure that you have the cleanest list, do not just stop with collecting prospect data. Take the next step and have validity checks and append missing data. And when I say missing data, think Emails first. When you have the emails appended to your list and have as much in your database kitty as you can muster, you are in a good place to launch your email campaign program. Though this is particularly relevant for the smaller sized companies, this is also the process that works for larger organizations with richer data reserves.

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