Why Email Appending Helps you get more Success!

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Why Email Appending Helps you get more Success!

There are bulk email lists and then some. In a sincere attempt to expand your reach, these may be the little guys you turn to with the firm hope that they bring you some amazing leads. Reality Check – It just does not happen.

A bulk email list or an off the shelf email list is typically a harvested file of contacts that has been built with no method or purpose. So in many ways it’s just there waiting for the likes of any desperate marketer to pick. Well don’t berate yourself for being one of them. You just needed a good contact list for your marketing and this just seemed like the perfect answer to your problems, or was it? Reality Check again – No.

So where, you may ask does a lead list come from. Simple answer – To start with, right from inside. Without patronizing in the least, let me tell you how. At various intervals in the course of your journey as a company, you may have attended tradeshows, conferences, seminars and the like. And met a lot of people, exchanged cards and the whole shebang. And then you populated them into your database or perhaps just kept the cards in the goldfish bowl. And then you had enquiries, walk in’s and all those. If you didn’t treat these contacts like gold, odds are that you may have about 20% of them with valid contact information in your database today. Again, start with them since these are your hottest lead points. I’m sure you would agree with me that ‘Out of Touch’ is never ‘ Out of Mind’.

So what do you do with them? Let me draw your attention to a term I’ve used in the title – Email Appending. That’s what you do. Send out your data to a credible append service provider to have it matched against an internal database and get the emails and whatever other data fields you need appended. The service provider typically has a large contact file and the match process would yield a significant number of emails and other fields appended. What’s more, you pay only for the appended and verified data.

No more wasted time and money using junk contact data. With email appending, you really can’t go wrong since the contact was yours from the very beginning. So, dust out every piece of contact data you have from the deep recesses of your marketing closet and have it appended. You can be sure that you would have a total winner in hand.

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