Top Email Marketing Terms for you to know

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Top Email Marketing Terms for you to know

Every blog we write here attempts to help companies incorporate a much needed structure towards implementing their email campaign strategy. And a good starting point would be to get familiar with a set of keywords and phrases. This would not just help one in understanding the essentials of the campaign from end to end, but would also offer a clear perspective in this director . So here are the Top Email Marketing Terms you need to get started with:

1. Email Message

2. Campaign Tool

3. Campaign Personalization

4. Delivery Rate

5. Open Rate

6. CTR (Click Through Rate)

7. Conversion Rate

8. IP (Shared/Dedicated)

9. Bounces (Hard/Soft)

10. Opt-in / Opt-out

As mentioned, more than a passing understanding of each these would go a long way in keeping your email marketing process in fine shape. In the course of the next few blogs I would be touching upon each of these terms in detail. So look out for the next set.

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