The Rationale of an Append Test

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The Rationale of an Append Test

All my blogs have focused on the processes of email appending or list building and the beneficial effects of these on a company’s ROI. The basic idea of email appending or Custom List building is to provide a full fledged marketing list with all the necessary contact information for the right contact. But how do you know that your email append provider will be able to append emails to your marketing lists? Or how are they going to build a list according to the criteria that you have provided them. Even if they do append email or build a list according to your criteria, how will they guarantee that they will hit the numbers you are looking for?

This is where AppendSolutions® Free Append Test or Free sample comes in handy. We do not believe in biting off a morsel more than what we can chew. That is the underlying reason behind us asking our clients to try out our free append test for 100 – 200 records for email appending or a free sample of 50 records for list building initiative before they sign up for the actual project. The free test/ free sample allows the client to judge the quality of our service and the append rate they can expect for the actual file. The client can have a clear idea of how many email addresses she can expect from the list for appending or get an estimate of how many contacts she can get in the list that she proposes to build. The test also allows us to get a firsthand knowledge of the clients’ file to help us estimate and analyze the match rate in return. So, in effect, with these estimates the client can have her marketing initiatives planned out with a better measure of accuracy well in advance. All this, at no cost at all. That’s got to be the ideal win-win. So try a test every time before you plunge into your list activity.

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