The Glorified Campaign Tool, E-marketing’s Trusted Backbone

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The Glorified Campaign Tool, E-marketing’s Trusted Backbone

Email Appending and List building processes can help companies get marketing lists that are complete and will serve their marketing needs. You might find this sentence shameless repeated in our previous, present and future blogs. And for good reason too. Let’s get around to the specifics then. In my previous blogs, I had explained the need for Email Appending and Custom Lists. Email Appending completes a marketing list with email data giving the client an extra option of communication to explore. Custom Lists on the other hand, are tailor made marketing lists with all contact data of the prospect based on the clients’ criteria.

So the next logical question to the newbie marketer might be, what does one then proceed to do with the list or a database with all the possible contact data are appended? Or to rephrase how does one get around to using it in the most effective manner. In a simple line, the answer screams Direct Marketing. The appended list can be a tele-marketing lead generation source feeding a dedicated unit with the ammo to fire prospect calls. Then of course, the channel that we love to loft up on that high horse. No points for guessing email. The list works for marketers that choose to send email/newsletter communication to the prospects or the clients in the list. So that’s where we head straight to the title, albeit a tad delayed.

The glorified “Campaign Tool” pretty much worksas the backbone for any online marketing initiative. With the help of a campaign tool the client can send a targeted permission based “email blast” to thousands of their prospects at a very short span of time. While it hurts my sides to explain the obvious, the use of quotes alongside the term email blast is a deliberate device to draw attention to the rampant misuse of the term. While capable campaign tools ensure that your message reaches out to a large number of prospects, always ensure that you get away from Godawful spam practices. There are providers who run out campaigns on behalf of the client, but it is always advisable to go with reputed service providers. This will eliminate all those nasty technical issues like blacklisting of the email servers, delivery of the message in the junk folder, spam possibilities and importantly non-delivery of the campaign.

AppendSolutions® has got their proprietary campaign management software which helps the marketer schedule and monitor the campaign directly. With options such as real time open rate monitoring, click through statistics, bounce numbers, AppendSolutions® offers a very effective Campaign Management system to clients.

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