The Email Append Primer 101

Email Append Primer
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The Email Append Primer 101

Into our 13th year of business (we’re watching out for the number), having serviced a good number of clients across the spectrum, we still face the daunting prospect of educating our leads with the What’s and Why’s of Email Append. I guess that’s part of the job, something we love doing but also one that never stops keeping us nervous, because we don’t want our leads to run off elsewhere because as well as our sales team was able to make a perfect pitch, they weren’t able to explain the concept and thus the value proposition well enough. So, for that very reason, we put together a basic Email Append 101 that’s easy to comprehend and can make our job of reaching out to you a little easier.

Many of you probably use bulk email list in the hopes of expanding your reach. These little guys are the ones you use to get amazing leads. But the truth is, they don’t really make the cut.

An off the shelf or bulk email list is often a harvested file of contacts built without any purpose or method. Simply put these lists are just there waiting for desperate marketers to come and pick them. Well, you don’t have to berate yourself if you happen to be among these marketers. All you need is a good contact marketing list, and this can already solve all your problems. But wait, this, again, is not the answer.

Having said, where should your lead list really come from? The answer is simple – this should come from the inside. At different intervals during the course of your company’s journeys, chances are you have attended several seminars, conferences, trade shows, and the like. During these occasions, you surely met lots of new faces, exchanged cards, and this and that. You then added them to your database or probably your goldfish bowl has been filled with their cards. Then, walk-ins, inquiries, and such came. If these contacts are not treated like gold, chances are you may have around 20 percent of these with valid contact details added to your database right at this very moment. Once again, you can start with them because they are undoubtedly your hottest lead points. After all, out of touch is not really out of mind.

What can you do with these contacts, then? This is where the phrase email append comes in. This is what you can do. Send your data to a reliable email append service provider that will match it against the internal database for you to get all the emails and other types of data fields you want to append. These providers typically have large contact files, and their match process can append tons of emails and other similar fields. The best thing here is that you will only spend for the verified and appended data.

Stop wasting your money and time on junk contact data. Through email appending, it is impossible to go wrong because all the contacts were yours in the first place. Start dusting out those contact data pieces kept in the deep corners of your marketing list and have them appended. Who knows? A total winner is already within reach.

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