The Art of Writing an Email

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The Art of Writing an Email

Email is among the most powerful communication tools in the world today. Email communication constitutes a fast, easy and convenient way of conveying your message to every nook and cranny of the globe. As the cost is only a fraction of the other conventional or nonconventional communication channels, emails are a preferred medium of communication in business, be it for marketing or sales.

To use emails as a potent tool in a company’s marketing and communication method, a company needs to understand its Target Audience. Who is more likely to be your client or with whom do you want to have business communication? They form the nucleus of your T.A (target audience) that can then be used for any business communication. The emails sent to the target audience should also have targeted content with a purpose. You do not want to send newsletters to a prospect that you have never interacted in the past. Nor would you want to send an introductory sales email to a client who has been doing business with you for the past five years. The right people need to be served with the right message. This by itself helps your marketing process a lot.

Emails can be sent with images or videos embedded within them. But if they are used for new prospects there is a chance that these emails may land in the receiver’s junk box and the whole purpose of sending it is defeated. Likewise, the same prospects can be sent a plain text email which will not be filtered out as spam as it contains no links that may be deemed as potential threats.

Like simple letters, emails should also have an introduction, a body containing the message with links if necessary and a conclusion. But the most important part of the email is the opt out or the unsubscribe part. A client or a prospect who has agreed to receive emails from you, might not want to do so in future. So the email must contain a link or instruction of how the reader could unsubscribe or take her name out of the mailing list whenever she feels like.

Thus emails, if used judiciously, following the CAN SPAM guidelines, can turn out to be a great marketing tool for companies that can in turn improve their ROI by a huge margin.

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