Marketers Dilemma – Email Appending Vs List Acquisition

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Marketers Dilemma – Email Appending Vs List Acquisition

There are some critical decisions that marketing decision makers are faced with, to manage their lead generation initiatives. To start with, one question that the Marketers may have to address would be the cleansing of internal data and the acquisition of new data. This decision is based on some critical factors like the target audience profile and the frequency of the campaigns. Companies collate internal lists through various channels and they spread out their direct response and branding campaigns to this list. But in most cases, a bulk of these internally generated prospect lists may suffer from the absence of some highly important data like emails. This seriously affects the success rate of all email campaigns.

Every internally generated contact is vital importance to the company’s marketing plans. Thus missing information, especially emails need to be appended to internal lists. Email appending becomes a solution that a company would need to employ in their online marketing mix, before a decision of new list acquisition is taken. Email appending ensures that your lists remain complete and current and gives you the best returns as well. This is especially relevant for larger organizations which spend large budgets on building and maintaining their internal client and prospect lists. Through email appending, companies have enjoyed a huge improvement in their overall Marketing ROI through online channels. Ultimately it all boils down to the fact that there is nothing quite like a list of your own clients and prospects and these need to be preserved and nurtured with utmost care. So, effectively list acquisition is only the next stage after list appending.

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