LinkedIn Industries to NAICS Mapping

LinkedIn Industries
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LinkedIn Industries to NAICS Mapping

LinkedIn has recently introduced changes in its Industry classification system. The new system is quite in-line with North American Industry Classification System referred to as NAICS classification system. This is a big relief for people who use Sales Navigator for prospecting. The new industry classification system is quite easy to work with since it compartmentalizes each of the major industry segments. For example, earlier there was only one industry “Automotive” that included automotive manufacturers, retailers & parts wholesalers. Distinguishing between the three segments was quite cumbersome since there were bundled into just one industry. With the new industry system now, you have Motor Vehicle Manufacturing, Retail Motor Vehicles, Wholesale Motor Vehicles & Parts and over 8 other new segments. Naturally, the number of industry segments have increased from around 150 earlier to 417. Almost all the 417 segments can now be mapped to an NAICS code.

Here’s a list of manufacturing LinkedIn industry segments mapped to NAICS codes. We’ve mapped each of the LinkedIn industry segments to broadest NAICS industry that exactly fits that segment.

For example, the industry “Transportation Equipment Manufacturing” has been mapped to NAICS 336, whereas industry “Shipbuilding” has been mapped to NAICS 336611 which is a subset of 336.

LinkedIn IndustryNAICS Code
Abrasives and Nonmetallic Minerals Manufacturing327910
Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing3253
Agriculture, Construction, Mining Machinery Manufacturing3331
Animal Feed Manufacturing31111
Apparel Manufacturing315
Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing335
Architectural and Structural Metal Manufacturing3323
Artificial Rubber and Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing3252
Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing3343
Automation Machinery Manufacturing333999 (P)
Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing3364
Baked Goods Manufacturing3118
Beverage Manufacturing3121
Boilers, Tanks, and Shipping Container Manufacturing3324
Chemical Manufacturing325
Chemical Raw Materials Manufacturing3251
Clay and Refractory Products Manufacturing3271
Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing3333
Communications Equipment Manufacturing3342
Computer Hardware Manufacturing3341
Computers and Electronics Manufacturing334
Construction Hardware Manufacturing332510 (P)
Cutlery and Handtool Manufacturing3322
Dairy Product Manufacturing3115
Defense and Space Manufacturing336414, 336415, 336419
Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing3351
Electrical Equipment Manufacturing3353
Engines and Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing3336
Fashion Accessories Manufacturing3159 (P)
Food and Beverage Manufacturing311, 3121
Footwear Manufacturing3162
Fruit and Vegetable Preserves Manufacturing3114
Furniture and Home Furnishings Manufacturing3371 (P)
Glass Product Manufacturing327212, 327213, 327215
Glass, Ceramics and Concrete Manufacturing327211, 3273
Household and Institutional Furniture Manufacturing33712
Household Appliance Manufacturing3352
HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing3334
Industrial Machinery Manufacturing3332
Leather Product Manufacturing316
Lime and Gypsum Products Manufacturing3274
Machinery Manufacturing333
Magnetic and Optical Media Manufacturing3346
Manufacturing31, 32, 33
Mattress and Blinds Manufacturing3379
Measuring and Control Instrument Manufacturing3345
Meat Products Manufacturing3116
Medical Equipment Manufacturing3391
Metal Valve, Ball, and Roller Manufacturing33291, 332991
Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing3335
Motor Vehicle Manufacturing3361
Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing3363
Office Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturing3372
Oil and Coal Product Manufacturing324
Packaging and Containers Manufacturing32192, 32221, 33243
Paint, Coating, and Adhesive Manufacturing3255
Paper and Forest Product Manufacturing322(P)
Personal Care Product Manufacturing32562
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing3254
Plastics and Rubber Product Manufacturing326
Plastics Manufacturing3261
Primary Metal Manufacturing331
Railroad Equipment Manufacturing3365
Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing334413
Rubber Products Manufacturing3262
Seafood Product Manufacturing3117
Semiconductor Manufacturing33441
Soap and Cleaning Product Manufacturing32561
Sporting Goods Manufacturing33992
Spring and Wire Product Manufacturing3326
Sugar and Confectionery Product Manufacturing3113
Textile Manufacturing313, 314
Tobacco Manufacturing3122
Transportation Equipment Manufacturing336
Turned Products and Fastener Manufacturing33272
Women’s Handbag Manufacturing316992
Wood Product Manufacturing321

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