It Pays to Keep your Data Clean

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It Pays to Keep your Data Clean

Data cleansing pertains to an integral process for a business’ marketing department. Companies have their internal databases of clients and prospects, and usually, they just leave these to gather dust even after the painstaking and careful process of acquiring data. Any data in your list is a monster that shape-shifts and undergoes unimaginable changes in a matter of months. This is the reason why performing data cleansing is a must to observe proper list hygiene. In case you don’t know it yet, below are some of the salient advantages of data validation that is guaranteed to boost your marketing returns in ways you can never imagine.

Financial Advantages

More than 80% of businesses are convinced that it costs them money to have inaccurate data. This belief is a significant step in itself. Large amounts are revenues are wasted in sending direct mails to deceased people. If you want to reduce revenue and time loss, you have to ensure that you have accurate contact details and name of the prospect. You must also identify and remove the names in your marketing list and email list that will and cannot respond to your marketing campaigns, and refrain from sending several mails to the same person.
Similarly, businesses can boost returns on their marketing investment and profitability with the use of updated email address details to regain contact with people they were in touch with in the past. Campaigns directed to this group of clients or prospects are much more effective when it comes to responses and increases possibility of striking high value deals.

Enhance Client Perception

About 43 percent of those who receive emails for a previous occupant feel like the sender is out of touch and impersonal. Improving client data integrity is possible with data cleansing. This way, you can address receivers correctly, and identify those who died, moved jobs, or indicated that they don’t like to receive emails. It will lessen the risks of making clients feel annoyed, and avoid creating a negative image for the business or brand.

Guarantee Compliance

The biggest reason for complaints against businesses is sending emails to deceased individuals. It is the responsibility of an organization to check that the consumer information they use is updated and accurate, and they should adhere to the best practice suppression guidelines of DMA. Organizations which don’t follow such regulations will not just face monetary penalty but they might also face the risks of negative publicity for their business among consumers and in the industry they belong to.

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