Have A Bounce Free Thanksgiving

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Have A Bounce Free Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving time, a time to be grateful just as much to our clients, leads and stakeholders as we are to our family and friends. And how better to express it than with a little note of appreciation. Now wouldn’t it be quite a bummer to see your wonderful Thank You email scripted out in fine detail bouncing right back at you. Well for starters, you can kick yourself for not being in touch with your client or prospect for long enough to be aware of their move from the company they belonged to when you were talking to them. That’s almost as unpardonable as burning the Thanksgiving turkey.

So that’s why you absolutely need a Marketing List Management process to be conducted on a bimonthly or quarterly basis. We call this a Data Hygiene process that includes Data Verification and Data Updation. And even if you didn’t think about it any time before, Thanksgiving is a great time for some business reflection.

While Marketing List Management constitutes a macro process of audit, Data Verification and Data Updation breaks it down into definable silos. Data Verification helps you to understand where you stand with regard to the correctness or veracity of the information contained in every record and Data Updation constitutes the process of appending a new email or contact information to replace the missing piece. Effectively, it’s just a simple semi-automated process that helps you ensure that your Thanksgiving email doesn’t come back to you. For a bounce is but a lost opportunity to let your clients and how much you value them and their business.

AppendSolutions® wishes you a happy bounce free Thanksgiving!

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