Email or Content Marketing – The Social Class Equation

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Email or Content Marketing – The Social Class Equation

I’m clearly not going to pit one with the other. There are countless apologists for either, but in this age and time, if you want to be counted as Downton Abbey aristocracy and still score big, turn the way of content. If you want to be a Happy Endings type pragmatist minus the frills and still rake in the points, jump into the email bandwagon. But really, if you are the best of both worlds’ kinds like me, you would not want to miss out on a bit of either.

Content is the key towards building a thought leadership strategy and it really does not only fall into the realm of the privileged. Email for all its blue collar attributes in a digital evolving landscape, still does not purely fall into the working class. The polyamorous, philandering Marketing Decision makers does not really hold back on forging a long term relationship with either, in the process trespassing and breaking digital class boundaries. But here is some really good news, polygamy is a revered virtue and there is simply no class divide in the digital world.

So let not the rules of our physical world cloud your online marketing perspectives. Content is still Queen and Email will never go out of fashion. We will still live in the world with class barriers but aristocracy will co-exist with the working class as equals in the digital world. And so, add them both in good measure to your mix and watch them create marketing magic.

Watch this space for more.

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