Email Appending – What It Means and How It Works

Email Appending
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Email Appending – What It Means and How It Works

A lot of people think that email appending means that the attachments appended to the end of emails. But, that is not what it really means.

Email appending is a kind of marketing method intended for building up customer email lists. Providers of email append services take the name lists and customer address and locate the emails for those addresses and names. This may sound like a good way to build up a successful email list quickly, others said that email appending is risky. Yet, according to experts, it actually depends on the email append service provider. That is the reason why it is always a good idea to shop around and search for a provider with a good reputation.

Email appending is also referred to as e-appending, which aims to grow email subscriber lists with the intent of sending the customers information through email rather than the typical mail. Email appending is also great tool for every marketer to provide content and deals to their existing customers if done correctly.

How Email Appending Works?

The process of email appending include either a consumer or business database comprised of contacts including their address, company name, and name. If the company likes to expand email communication, then considering a service provider that has a database of different email addresses to merge data together and append consumer or business email addresses to their existing file. Through this, they will get an updated database with current email addresses of the individuals on the list. The outcome of email appending may depend on the quality of the databases merged.

Mails sent through email appending methods may be either opt-in or opt-out email. Email append providers that utilize opt-in methods send initial permission based email the email addresses appended asking the customers if they like to op into the mailing list of the client in addition to providing them to unsubscribe.

How to Find a Trustworthy Email Append Provider?

According to email marketing experts, if email appending was done properly, it will give you at least 20% return on your very own customer database. Through this, the twenty percent of your customer addresses and names you have will get a valid email address and customers will respond that they would like to get emails from your company.

Some companies said that they could achieve 50-70% email append rate on customer data from the different parts of the globe. However, you have to take note that not all companies can offer you quality email appending solutions. This is why it is always wise to know the qualities of a good provider for you to make the most of your investment and get results in the long run.

If you don’t know an email append provider, you can start by browsing online. Almost all businesses have their websites. For you to find the best one, make a list and compare your preferred companies to one another to get great deals. You can also ask for suggestions from people who consider email appending solutions before.

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