Email Appending Process for Beginners – Opt In and Opt Out

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Email Appending Process for Beginners – Opt In and Opt Out

Marketing, we know it has undergone a distinct shift in the last few years. Companies have been the biggest beneficiaries of this transition, due to the humongous drop in costs thanks to the evolution of new avenues in marketing. But while these opportunities have opened up possibilities for achieving more with limited budgets, it has also placed the onus on companies to learn and adapt to the ever changing ecosystem.
The key development in the marketing ecosystem has been the shift towards the digital world. The same audience that were previously available on the physical world are now being targeted in the online universe. Thus emails have become the most important channel for companies to reach out their messages to these individuals.

The easiest approach as defined by the marketing texts would be segment, target and position, and of course send. But then what happens when your prospects are only defined by their names and contact addresses. Well, they still exist then in the physical plane, and none of the advantages of digital marketing hold good for them. But append emails to these names and you have the all systems go for getting digital on these individuals.

Ladies and gents, welcome to the world of email appending – a simple yet powerful way of maximizing your marketing potential. With email appending, all you need is a fraction of your physical marketing budget and a competent service provider to get the best possible return on your investment. Did we say, a competent service provider? Well and truly, you might realize that your email appending service provider is who would make all the difference between a tremendous and an average result on your campaigns.

I can wax eloquent on the advantages of email appending as a service, but all that needs to be said at this moment is that, done right, it can work wonders on your marketing ROI. So dust out those prospect databases that you have hoarded up in some internal shelves, and work out the arithmetic on missing emails.

You could be more surprised than us. Email Appending is definitely the answer.

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