Email Appending and the Impact of an Updated Database

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Email Appending and the Impact of an Updated Database

I’m a sucker for Online Marketing Surveys and Charts. So when I did get to view the Internet Marketing Survey Report of Pew Research recently, I could not help but be elated at a few of the findings. To start with, I felt vindicated, albeit in a quiet way, to see that email marketing still occupied pole position in the company of Search as the most effective Internet Marketing. Have a look before I go any further.

Some of you might be asking me, isn’t this quite like stating the obvious. Followed by ‘So What’? The answer is not couched for the slightest part in psychological layers. It just underscores the relevance of having more emails in your database to maximize the success of your email campaigns. And so, keeping these numbers in mind, you would be well served in finding the right method of filling in missing emails to your database. And that would be Email Appending. Remember that the more the emails you can have internally without harvesting, the higher your closures and the higher your RPE (Revenue Per Email).

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