E-Marketers – Gold Mine – Targeted List

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E-Marketers – Gold Mine – Targeted List

In the days of online marketing and e-reach, the most simple and easy way to brand yourself is email appending. Just to refresh our patrons memory about email appending I am going down the memory lane to put forward a few lines.

Email appending is a direct approach to reach your customer email list. Adding email to your existing customer or prospect database is a smart, cost effective way to boost your marketing efforts or strategies. Email Appending as a whole is the process of adding email to an existing marketing list of prospects or customers. It’s basically done by matching a master database of different Email lists to the customer file by particular software which contains algorithms used to match the records, verify them and append fresh email address.

AppendSolutions® take customer address, name lists and locate emails for those names and addresses. This may look like an easy process to quickly build up an email list, but among email marketing strategies, email appending is potentially very risky, and if done properly, can often be very expensive when compared to other email marketing strategies.

At AppendSolutions® all email addresses are cross verified and all invalid email addresses are removed. This process is done to keep your mailing lists clean. This process will help you avoid sending out newsletters to invalid addresses. Otherwise you’ll get tons of bounced messages which may cause the particular ISP mail servers to block the sender’s IP for the reason of recurring sending to invalid email addresses.

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