Custom Business Lists – Beyond Just Targeting

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Custom Business Lists – Beyond Just Targeting

Much has been spoken about the need for targeting, in building prospect lists for your marketing purposes. The typical targeting for lists is on the basis of criteria like Industry, Title and Location. These are the most essential variables that help companies get a well-defined output list. Beyond the realm of good old targeting lies what we call Micro Targeting. As the name suggests, this approach involves getting down to the brass tacks of those criteria which have been left untouched in an attempt to broaden the numbers of a company’s prospect list. But the question that needs to be asked is, whether the company would prefer a hit and miss approach or a straight hit approach.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can definitely find merit in a hit and miss approach with a list targeted on a primary essential scale. But then again when you do want accurate results with a limited volume, you do need the finer level of targeting based on criteria ranging from employee size to business revenue to location type. Don’t fret about the numbers. The list would be so precise that you can even run a personalized one on one campaign and fetch a really good response rate.

There may be room for deliberation, with the numbers and the possibilities of gaining higher number of leads for a larger volume, which again may bring to focus a debate on the quality of leads. The loyalists may root for their pet approach, but with micro targeting you can never go wrong on the quality of leads that you get even if it may be short on the numbers that you want. And these would be the leads that you can close quick and easy for more than a pretty penny.

AppendSolutions® provides multi-level targeting in churning out prospect lists for its clients. These lists are built based on the stated objectives of the companies we work with. The custom lists that are built with fine levels of targeting are run through multiple levels of verification and provided to the client, to ensure best results and compliance with the guidelines of clean marketing.

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