Building Industry Specific Prospect Data

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Building Industry Specific Prospect Data

Much has been spoken about the importance of maintaining a qualified repository of marketing data. But the most important part of managing this data is to organize it according to certain important criteria – the key being industry segment. Industry segments are classified on the basis of SIC (Standard Industry Classification) codes or NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes. Most of the time, companies do not have the luxury of choosing their prospects and take what comes their way. But when companies engage a specialized list services firm, they present their requirement for generating a new prospect list with their target criteria. Since this effort calls for starting from scratch, it is important for the company to identify the nature of lists that they would want to build. Companies have different considerations like specific titles, locations and nature of companies. While companies choose their criteria based on the type of service, they would be well served in first understanding the industries they would want to target and direct the agency to build the list from thereon. This is important as it gives the creative and strategic units more flexibility in building the campaign plans and developing the creative content. Finer targeting in terms of titles and geography can be done from this point on.

AppendSolutions® is a full service online marketing support agency which helps companies to develop custom lead lists as per their specification. The lists are the first stage in the entire online marketing enablement process, which is followed by creative and strategic development of the email campaigns based on the segmentation of the lists. AppendSolutions® works with companies in the entire process from end to end helping them in the generating quality leads at the end of the campaign process.

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