Benefits of Data Cleansing from a Business Perspective

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Benefits of Data Cleansing from a Business Perspective

Data Cleansing is an essential process for a Marketing division of any business house. Companies maintain internal databases of prospects and clients, and more than often leave it that way after a careful and painstaking process of acquiring this data. The data that you have in your list is a shape-shifting monster and goes through some unimaginable changes in the course of months. To understand the gravity of this statement, you need to put this to the test or you probably already have, which explains my need to write this blog in the first place. In the next paragraph, I have ventured to impress upon you the compelling need to implement a data cleansing regimen for your in-house data and also the salient benefits of this process that will surely help increase your marketing returns manifold.

Financial benefits

Over 80% of organizations believe that inaccurate data costs them money. But believing it is just one good step. A huge amount of revenue is wasted in sending direct mail to deceased individuals. Ensuring that prospect name and contact information is accurate, identifying and removing individuals who cannot or will not respond to your marketing communications, and avoiding mailing the same person more than once, are all ways in which a company can reduce time and revenue loss.

Similarly, organizations can increase profitability and return on marketing investment by using up to date change of email address information to regain contact with individuals whom they have a previous relationship with. Campaigns targeted to this group of prospects/ clients are more effective, in terms of response and increases the possibility of generating a high value deal.

Improve client perception

43% of all people that receive e-mail for a previous occupant feel that the sending organization is impersonal and out of touch. Improving the integrity of client data by addressing individuals correctly, and identifying those that have moved jobs, died, or have indicated that they do not want to receive e-mail, can reduce the risk of causing client annoyance and creating a negative brand image for an organization.

Ensure compliance

E-Mailing deceased individuals is the single largest cause of complaints against an organization. Organizations have a responsibility to ensure that the consumer data they use is accurate and up to date and that they follow the DMA’s best practice suppression guidelines. Organizations that fail to comply with these regulations not only face a monetary penalty in some instances, but also risk creating negative publicity for themselves within the Industry and with consumers.

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