B2B Marketing Lists – Look Beyond the Frills

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B2B Marketing Lists – Look Beyond the Frills

There are many companies operating in the list marketing universe. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but this statement is loaded with truth. There are indeed more 25,000 of us in the US competing for your attention with our services, offers and everything else. And there are a million plus of you who are probably going to pick out something that some of us have had to offer. And now that I’m done with the obvious, let me try and explain where I’m heading towards.

List marketing companies position themselves as one stop solutions with wide service lines or niche service providers addressing some specific areas. Any which way, a lot of these companies are going to sell you a pitch about how you can expand your lead pipeline with their industry lists. Nothing wrong whatsoever. It’s an absolutely fair marketing practice. But then to borrow a phrase from Mark Antony’s rhetoric to the masses of Rome, whom would you lend your ears to.

You may need to pick favorites here; and in the process you may need to weigh in what’s right for you and what isn’t. While I would want to tell you that I’m best in the business, I would rather let you make that assessment about me. But what I would venture to suggest is that you need to look for some clear positive signs and red flags just about the vendor you are assessing.

The cheapest data lists that you would get are the ones that would get you nothing. Most of these lists would comprise extracted emails, rehashed spam records and invalid contacts. At the other end of the spectrum lie the branded lists, which maybe valid, accurate and priced at a premium, but also sold to many hundred different end clients, and therefore not exclusive to you.

So I guess by this line of reasoning, one may need to rule out a good majority of the list marketing companies in the world. True, but not all. You still have those companies that understand your requirement and build you contact lists that are valid, verified and true to your exact requirement. These are the custom lists that are going to help you the most in all your online marketing exercises. And this again is stating the obvious, isn’t it?

A custom list service works like a charm. You get only those contacts that you absolutely need, and all of it verified. You may pay a little higher per record, but you can be assured that every record you are paying is as close to a potential lead as can be. I can assure you, the returns you derive out of this would trump the returns you get out of a premium non-exclusive list by a mighty huge measure.

Try it out yourself. We at Append Solutions would love to introduce you to this amazingly simple and hugely effective service. Our team can work closely with you to understand your requirement, provide you with a comprehensive plan supported by free pilot tests and implement the solution for you to maximize your lead generation potential.

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