Email Appending: An Essential Business Aid

Email Appending: An Essential Business Aid

Email has become an integral part of American business, with approximately 62% of employed Americans having Internet access and nearly all of them (98%) using email for work-related tasks. This amounts to over 57 million American adults relying on email as a convenient tool for their daily work. Contrary to the notion that workers are overwhelmed by email, the majority find it manageable and efficient, spending a significant portion of their workday reading and writing emails. For many, email has replaced telephone calls, faxes, and direct mail, leading to a growing need for businesses to be well-equipped with this communication tool. 

In the workplace, email is highly effective for managing communications, even for complex tasks such as handling large projects.

According to employee feedback:

77% say email helps them keep up with events at work. 

63% find email more effective than using the phone or talking in person for various business purposes. 

67% find email most effective for reviewing or editing documents. 

These statistics highlight the undeniable importance of email in today’s business environment. To reach the target audience efficiently, cost-effectively, and in a sophisticated manner, businesses must include email in their marketing strategies. A complete company database should include email addresses along with other essential demographic details. By exploring all communication channels, businesses increase their chances of winning the marketing battle. 

If a company lacks email addresses in its database, the Email Append Service offered by leading list vendors can be an invaluable solution. Email Append has proven to be a successful ally for clients across various industries, helping them strategize better marketing plans and achieve increased ROI. By utilizing Email Append, clients ensure that their business database is maximized to its full potential. They are provided with a state-of-the-art process to append email addresses to their database in a fast, unique, and cost-effective manner.