Email Append Process of AppendSolutions®

Email Append Process of AppendSolutions®

Focus on Quality, not Quantity – Email Append Team’s Motto at AppendSolutions®  Email Append and Custom List Building  The heading speaks volumes about our straightforward and highly efficient methodology for enhancing clients’ marketing efficiency with a surge of quality leads and significant cost reduction. 

At AppendSolutions®, we perform a match of our clients’ database against our opt-in master database to add email addresses whenever a match is found. Utilizing our proprietary software and a highly qualified team of 80 members, we offer one of the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective ways to expand our clients’ email database while upholding their customers’ privacy. 

In addition to Email Append, AppendSolutions® can also enrich your database by adding contacts with emails based on your specified target criteria. Regardless of how niche the requirement, we can build a list based on exact specifications. 

StrategyAppendSolutions® empowers you to add email addresses and missing contact information to your database, transforming it into a complete goldmine for all your marketing initiatives. Email marketing surpasses other advertising mediums because when you send your message to an opt-in email list, you directly target customers who have explicitly requested information about your products and services. Dollar for dollar, opt-in email marketing is the most cost-effective way for a company to generate revenues rapidly. AppendSolutions® understands the importance of targeting your message to the right audience, as even the best sales pitch is worthless if it's delivered to the wrong audience.

Complete Marketing Solutions:  AppendSolutions® offers a comprehensive solution to your marketing challenges, providing a 100% safe, efficient, and cost-effective process to maximize the potential of your databases. With an existing B2B database strength of over 50 million records with emails, our company stands as one of the most accomplished database list services in the market today. Our tested methodology of accuracy yields over 70% append rates, among the highest offered by any service provider in the market today.